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tv   News  ABC  January 31, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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most powerful radar is dry as of now. it will stay that way as we go throughout the day. but right now, how are you dressing? you need to be warm because it is on the chilly side. yes, the temperatures are above average but quite chilly. baltimore's temperatures around 30. good morning annapolis right around 38 edgewater and 43. manchester at 37 and as we go through the rest of today, we will warm up nicely everyone. that temperature coming in right around 63 degrees. let's check the traffic now with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am glad you got good news because we are still following a pretty serious accident that happened earlier this morning. joppa road remains closed between perring parkway and old harford road. we are scugging -- suggesting the beltway. we will have a live look in a moment. also still dealing with a serious situation on 95. the accident has been moved off the roadway but we are bumper to bumper on 95 southbound past the 895 split with accident
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activity there. traveling on the harrisburg expressway not a problem this morning. southbound lanes moving well. some brief slowdowns around middletown and belfast road. but no troubles make are way continuing to the top side of the beltway. and here's a live look at 95 at maryland 43 north of maryland 43. just before you get to that delay, and we are suggesting that the top side of the beltway instead of joppa road volume picking up but moving at posted speeds past harford road. charley, over to you. an hour or two, the breaking news when we came on the air out of south baltimore. according to the baltimore county dispatchers, an officer tried to pull over a driver on 695 in washington -- and washington boulevard regarding a shooting from a night before. these are live pictures now from the scene in south baltimore at the patapsco village. that bronco up on tow truck is believed to be the second car involved because what police are telling us is the man's first stole a squad car. after an encounter with police officer, and then he ditched
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that car and is believed to have taken this bronco. we will have a live report this. linda so is coming up in a few moments. word is that the suspect has been shot and taken to an area hospital. more news coming up in 15 minutes. and this morning in annapolis, law makers will begin the first committee hearings on the same sex marriage bill. last night those against the bill made their voices heard during a rally in front of the statehouse. corinne redman is here with the very latest developments and what was said last night. >> reporter: well, ministers from around the state gathered to have their voices heard before the governor introduces a bill to make maryland the 7th state in the union to permit same sex marriage. last night and lawyers mall opennant came out with signs and songs against the same sex measure sending the message to the governor martin ohaly over the support to -- o'malley over the support to get the same sex bill passed. many religious leaders don't
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believe it. >> never in human history has marriage been defined between two women. never. who has the right to redefinite? >> adam and eve yes. adam and steven, no. >> reporter: the hearing is scheduled for this afternoon on the first hearing on the bill that failed last year after falling in the house. governor has new protections to religious institutions that do not support same sex unions. corinne redman, abc2 news. clergy supporting the same sex marriage bill will hold a press conference showing support for marriage equality and want tie firm the religious liberty is protected in governor o'malley's bill. supported clergy stood with the governor when he introduced the legislation and meeting him today at 9:30 in maryland at the maryland inn in annapolis. proposed law for drug
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people who receive public assistance is causing a stir. not all welfare recipients will be drug tested only those whose caseworkers determine they have shown signs of drug use. now if a welfare recipient tests positive under the proposed bill they will be place on plow bags for two months but -- probation for two months but would get the benefits. if they test positive again they will have two weeks to enroll in rehab and if they don't they will lose their assistance. a pair of accused puppy snatchers in southern california are off the hook after paying for the crime. the video shows the man and woman taking a choy from a pet store. police cried how they pulled it off after the video aired on tv a woman offered a shopper 20 dollars to take an apology note and $600 to the pet store as payment for the stolen pup. the store owner accepted the apology and will not press charges. so apparently the puppy has a new home. imagine being mayor yoid for 78 years -- married for 78
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years a las vegas couple reached themilestone so special the president took note. >> you love him and that's all you think about. it's very simple. >> simple? >> it's give and take and compromise. >> i was told to say yes, dear all the time. they have been married for 78 years. and their son entered them into a contest and they won the oldest and longest married couple in the u.s. the president says when he is in las vegas he will invite them to see him and mention their achievement that would be a noteworthy acceptance on the couple's part. you watched for consider you watch for the game or -- you watch for the game or commercials? a preview of the most anticipated ads for superbowl 46. and we have a story you will be talking about for the rest of the day. and that's guaranteed. it's got a boy a girl and heart
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now "good morning maryland." the big game is sunday but today indianapolis thousands will take to the field for media day. journalist from around the world are getting a chance to interview members of the new england patriots and new york giants organization. now 5,000 fans are taking part, too. the first time ever, the nfl is allowing spectators to sit in the stand and watch if he can tifts unfold. -- festivities unfold in some wap for the commercials and -- watch for the commercial and some for the games. this year david beckham -- lynette charles at it and angela can you control her?
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>> i am trying. >> david beckham is going to bearing nearly all for the superbowl ad. he is going to be featured in a racy h and m commercial for new line of men's body wear. lynette wow he is not the only star during the commercials. apparently matthew broderick is making a comeback for a honda commercial sort of. broderick is playing himself in the ad promoting a revamped honda crv and makes reference to the movie ferris bueller's day off. this is the story of the day. one lucky person found outthey got a pair of superbowl tickets for free -- fought out they got a pair of superbowl tickets for free. jason spent 8,000 dollars on two tickets to the game for him and his girlfriend. now she is his ex-girlfriend. back in november, he found out he had bladder cancer and when he told her, she dumped him.
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said she couldn't deal with the responsibility of having someone with cancer so after the breakup, she came back to jason and said she should get the superbl tickets. he said no way. so he set up a contest through the twitter account and he said he would gib the tickets to whoever got him the most -- give the tickets to whoever got him the most followers. he announced who won and he has more than 11,000 followers and make that it 10,001 because i will follow the guy when we go to a break. we are off to a break. much more to come on abc2 news to go is straight ahead. linda. >> reporter: a suspect leads police on a chase and steals a police drusier and ends up in the shopping center. i am linda so with details on the bizarre police involved shooting coming up. today is the primary day in florida. find out which gop candidate may have the early lead coming up. and use -- he used paper clips during a root canal. parents say that punishment is
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news time 6:45. good morning i am charley crowson. time four abc2 news to go. big stories and developing news. corinne redman is live in the interactive news center with preview of the primary in florida. linda so is live with breaking news on a shooting that involves a stolen police car and in dc a new eviction deadline for the occupy protesters. it has things heating up with authorities. and those stories coming up in a bit. time for a check of the forecast with lynette charles. >> reporter: all right. things looking pretty good. we are nice and quiet in the weather world. temperatures around 33 in baltimore. and above average there. but still cold so bundle up heading out and about. but, you make sure you take an extra bag or something so you
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can stuff the coat in as the kids come home from school. 37 in easton and patuxent river 45. hagerstown at 39 and 41 right now in oakland. we are seeing more of the same in charlottesville and into wind chester -- winchester. we can see a batch of cloud back there towards the west moving into our area. so we will get a little clouds out there. but plenty of sunshine to be had had. mostly sunny to partly cloudy throughout the day because we will will be having the high clouds. sunshine will be able to filter through. so things looking pretty good. so, still forecasting 57 degrees as we go into lunchtime today. and then by 4 p.m., 63 degrees and it's going to be a mild day on tap. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. how is it going out there. >> reporter: good morning. not tooed about good for those in the -- not too good for those in the parkville carney area. we have a downed pole and
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wires. joppa is sheet down between old harford and perring partway. we suggest the parkway as an alternate route. here's a live look at the top side outer loop at harford road on the left side of the screen. still moving at a pretty good pace but give yourself extra time if you travel in that region. now over on the west side of the beltway, just the typical morning rush as you pass liberty road. off and on delays on the outer loop and continuing through the catonsville region at baltimore national pike traffic not too bad as well. over to you. breaking news this morning out of south baltimore. a suspect is in the hospital following a police shooting. the suspect got into a fight with police allegedly stole two cars and it culminated on annapolis road. linda so is live with the very latest. we saw the bronco being towed away about 10 minutes ago. >> reporter: yeah, minutes ago. police cleared the scene and they did tow that chevy bronco involved in the police involved
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shooting. here's what we know. a baltimore county police officer tried to pull over a suspect on the beltway near washington boulevard for a traffic violation. that was around 2 this morning. we are told that suspect led police on a brief chase and the officer pursued and the suspect ditch the car and officer caught up with him and the two got into a fight. some how the suspect overpowered the cop and stole the police officer's car and drove off and he abandon the police cruiser and got into another car. that was the chevy bronco that ended up here in the 3400 block of annapolis road. this is the patapsco village shopping center. police shot the suspect at least once. he was taken to shock trauma and we don't know his condition at this point. we did hear that the suspect did have a gun but it's unclear if he did try to shoot at officers. and eyewitness tells us helicopters and tons of police officers and they did hear several shots. but again, a police involved shooting a bizarre one where the suspect earlier in the evening stole a police cruiser
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and ended up here and he was shot by police at least once and taken to shock trauma. live in southwest baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. in other news the governor is proposing the even bigger increase to the state gas tax than previously thought. he wants a 6% sales tax for 18 cents. and phased in during three years. the monies would be earmarked for transportation and infrastructure needs. governor o'malley says the gas tax has not kept with up inflation. republican lawmakers say the governor comes with up a new tax proposal every day and they believe the tax would put an add burden on already struggling residents and we want to know what you think about this and this proposed gas tax 18 cents over the next three years. and head to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think about the tax increase also could the governor be doing something different or coming with up new ideas. news time 6:49 and tomorrow governor o'malley will take the podium in annapolis to tell butts state of the statech the address will take place
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tomorrow at noon in front of the general assembly. we will have reports for you here at abc2 news and on and new this morning, more than 100 students from anne arundel county will lobby state representatives to increase the flush feech students want tighter restrippings on septic system and will urge law makers to increase the bay restoration fund to upgrade sewage lines. primary day in florida. and the state that could decide the fall presidential electionpolls are open and have been open for 50 minutes and mitt romney was the front- runner and he fell behind newt gingrich and now once again polling ahead. now if romney pulls off victory he could gride to a path for the republican nomination. corinne redman is standing by live with more. >> reporter: if all the polls are correct, republican presidential candidate mitt romney may be cruising to a huge victory in florida. but a win may not be enough
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tocareity gop nomination because the rivals newt gingrich and rick santorum and ron paul vowed to keep fighting. gingrich's big win in south carolina add new life and the past week romney and he has hammered gingrich with 13.5 million with attack ads. both candidates take the last --spent last hour campaigningtrying to get voters to pick a side. >> we need your help in reaching out to every one you know. i think if we get our turnout, we get everybody agrees with us and everybody who wants a conservative, i think we will do very, very well. >> thank you for all your work. i need your vote tomorrow. get out and vote let's keep america the hope of the earth. >> and -- >> reporter: and newt gingrich told reporters no matter the outcome of the primary in florida he plans on staying in the race until the convention. polls close at 7 and we are
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told about 600,000 people have already casted their votes. corinne redman, abc2 news. massachusetts dentist who admitted using paper clips instead of stainless steel post and root canals will spend a year in jail. he pleaded guilty to defrauding medicare of around 130,000 dollars during a two-year period. he must pay back all of those monies and brenda alimmediatate mother of one of clare's victims says the punishment is not nearly strong enough. >> should have got more time. if you people knew what my kids went through and the pain and suffering they went through, he should have got more time. might as well sent him to the ymca. >> she said her son's tooth turned black and had to be pulled. after spending a year in jail clare begins a five year period of probation. they were begin one more day and now occupy dc protesters have to be out in about 8 minutes. take a look.
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>> occupy protesters are vowing to stand ground as police stand by to break down the encampment at 7 this morning. the police are enforcing a ban on camping at mcpherson square and freedom plaza. the park service says they had the right to protesters but the two areas are zoned for noncamping purpose. five things to know on this tuesday morning. the short-term measure funning the faa will expire but lawmakers worked out an extension until next month which is the 23rd since the agency funding bill expired in 2007. and the epa is helping people to determine their city's air quality through a free air now app. app android users can get polluted and ozone levels for the area ranging from good to moderate and very unhealthy and even possibly hazardous. president obama will call on congress today to pass
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legislation to encourage investments in hiring small companies. one proposal would extend the ability of all businesses todeduct all cost for equipment and software purchases. and teach plus is getting a start in the nation's capital. secretary of education will officially kick off the program and introduce 25 public andcharter schoolteachers. and first lady obama is head to la for a dnc fund- raiser and he can tray camera time. she will appear tonight on the tonight show about jay leno promoting her let's move campaign. it's 6:54. weather combination may seem odd. snow and thunder. the phenomenon happened in ohio this weekend along with lightning around 40-mile-an- hour winds. thunderstorms like this are not rare and people sometimes don't
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recognize they are going on when it is happening and lynette you are nodding up and down. is that about the weather or david beckham? >> he was thinking about the weather until you put david beckham in my head. it's not rare and we got it around here as well. talking about the thunder snow. for today no thunder snow or precipitation whatsoever. the winds are going to be a big factor. right now, we are zero. nice and calm into baltimore but the wind are blowing at the southwest at 8 miles an hour into dc and 7 in easton. 8 in hagerstown and 6 into wind chester. that will warm us up throughout the day. the southwest wind a warming wind and has a big factor on the weather. high pressure is going dominate the area for today. plenty of sunshine out there. we will get a few clouds moving in but those are going to be the my hi clouds and with that we will get plenty of sunshine in the forecast. maybe a few showers in the forecast tomorrow morning. but other than that, things looking better as we go through time. your neighborhood forecast not looking so bad today because the in the
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60s as we go through time. we are seeing that in shady side around 65. and then by tonight, that temperature will be right around 43 degrees and then tomorrow's temperature even warmer. your 7-day forecast not too bad. let's check your traffic now with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. we continue to warn you that if you travel on joppa road we have a closure joppa is shut down between old harford and perring partway. beltway getting heavy but may be the best alternate to get around this closure. other than that we are looking pretty good especially on the west side. and traveling south and west of the city u.s. 29 at maryland 108, a few southbound delays off and on make your way through the clarksville region a live look at 695 and harford road where we are picking up the pace but the best alternate to get around the closure. >> quickly harpin hills elementary school closed because they are without power. the place to go for all things related news, weather and traffic. and now to new york.
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